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Concussion 101

This mini course is the perfect first step on your road to recovery.  It gives you the answers you're looking for to move forward towards your health with clarity and confidence.

Designed with modules that build on each as you go (at your own pace) you will have a personalized roadmap to healing YOUR symptoms in quickly!  What a relief!


What will I learn?

Video 1: What is a concussion & pcs? 
Video 2: Identifying your individual concussion profile
Video 3: Who treats my symptoms?
Video 4: Where to begin
Video 5: Finding a practitioner

Each module has a short, easy to digest video with printable PDFs to streamline your journey.


This is for you if you are...

Person 1~ You're 1-3 months post concussion and you

  • have been given outdated advice like wait and see, rest is best, stay in a dark room, take medication or other passive techniques and/or
  • are feeling like you need treatment or have started treatment but are not sure if your on the right path

Person 2~ You're 3 months or more post concussion and you

  • were told outdated advice you are still following like you just need to live with symptoms, it will go away with time or positivity, rest, wait and see, etc OR
  • have seen multiple practitioners but feel like you are missing a piece or unsure of your next step

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Concussions are treatable!  What are you waiting for!?

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