Hi Everyone! I am a Physical Therapist and have also been on my own journey with persistent post concussion symptoms. 

Prior to my accident I was working at a small cutting edge clinic in San Clemente, California.  We became known as the clinic in town to take "difficult" or "out of the box" clients, alongside our athletes and weekend warriors; this is where I deepend and nurtured my understanding the nervous systems role in optimal health. 

In 2011 I was hit by a cab driver as a pedestrian, I remember at the time feeling lucky that I had "only" sustained a concussion.   Little did I know how involved they could truly be.  At that time the awareness of concussion was poor.  I slowly lost my abilities as my symptoms increased.  It would take me two years of actively trying to get a diagnosis and three before I met the first practitioner who believed me - but still I continued on a downward slope.

At year four I could no longer care for myself, I slowly lost everything, and I had to move back to Washington where my family became my caregivers. 

Given my background - I knew this was not the way it was supposed to be.  I kept knocking on doors, and over the next 5 years I kept clawing my way up from the symptoms that never should gotten to the place they did. 

I spent hundreds of hours researching, thousands of dollars on unnecessary appointments, countless days in bed and in tears because I felt so lost and alone. It was here, that I decided, no else should ever experience this. 

But I have good news -  today I have improved by 80%.  Now I am stepping into a world that feels familiar, yet foreign, with a deep felt sense of growth and perspective.  

My mission is to ensure that you receive optimal concussion recovery along with the silver linings that come with difficult times. 

I am thrilled and honored that you are here! 


I am so happy you are here!!  This program is something that I have been dreaming about and I'm so excited to be creating it for you with Molly!

Concussion is something that I am incredibly passionate about - I have dedicated the majority of my career to it. If there was a research paper, a course, a mentorship opportunity that I could take to teach me more about the brain I took (and still take) it!  Seeing my clients achieve their goals, whether it be returning to work, being able to draw, or to jump on a trampoline with their children - this is what drives me to do what I do. 

I own Symphony Rehabilitation in Nanaimo British Columbia.  Symphony is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering services in Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Speech Pathology and Clinical Counselling.  The majority of the clients I work with are individuals recovering from acute and prolonged concussion symptoms. 

I like to think outside of the box!  To me, challenging the "norm" of how things are done is where great change happens.  This style of thinking is what led me to be one of the first clinics in Canada to offer Telehealth services ~ which in turn led me to winning Canada's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017.  My passion for being a leader in my field, for pushing for increased awareness and education around concussion has led me to also being awarded the Top 20 under 40 Business & Community Achievement award as well as being ranked in the top 400/8000 businesses in Canada for the RBC Women of Influence Awards in 2018.  

If I'm not working you'll see me spending time with my husband, Les, or my three children Hudson, Maya and Alex.  We spend a ton of time at the BMX track ~ so you'll likely hear a story or two. 

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We would love to support you

You get not one, but two mentors guiding you through your concussion recovery!

Molly and Natasha team up in the Foundations course to bring you a comprehensive and holistic roadmap to reducing and eliminating your symptoms.

Paired with LIVE mentorship four times a month with Molly AND a private Facebook group of like minded individuals motivated to get their lives back~ this program has everything you need all in one place.

If you are living with persistent post concussion symptoms then you need to be in this program!


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