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Concussion Compass was created for individuals living with persistent concussion symptoms who are ready to move forward in their recovery and life

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The Compass Signature Program guides you from feeling lost and not knowing where to begin... confident, in control and feeling better. 


Introducing the Compass Method 



You will create a holistic plan by assessing and shifting specific lifestyle habits individually so you can begin to recognize the power small shifts can make in decreasing your concussion symptoms


We will evaluate why certain things have not worked for you in the past and then set realistic expectations based on intentions so that you can start to gain back control of your everyday life


 We will break down each individual symptom you have, to not only help you find the root cause, but give you the tools to address it in a simple way that works for you.


Throughout the entire process, you will have guest leaders, mentors and other people in the program who truly get you, to hold you accountable and cheer you on so you constantly feel supported to keep you moving forward. 

What our members are saying....


"Being part of Concussion Compass has been nothing short of life changing. The education, experts, guidance and support not only pushed and sped up my recovery, it's also made me feel less alone and misunderstood.  I can't stop talking about all the things that I've learned" 


I've progressed leaps and bounds since joining Concussion Compass. I've found that my biggest achievement ismaintaining overall mental health and I contribute that directly to CC. This community has really helped keep me steady throughout my concussion recovery journey.


"Had I not discovered Molly & Natasha I would not be where I am today! I'm going back to school! Together these two make the dream team & their knowledge of pcs is invaluable."


I just ran a continuous mile for the first time since injury with no symptom increase! I did it three days in a row actually, sky is the limit. But I really am doing so much better. I'm comfortably working full time, I haven't had a day where I needed to do absolutely nothing in a long time, my headache has finally started to ease, my mood is just better. And the best part is I have a much better understanding of what happened and what is still lingering. I'm confident I'll make a full recovery."


I learned of the resources I needed, how to advocate to get help, and found support from people who “got it”. I am very excited to say that I have been symptom-free for one month now, yay! I couldn’t of done it without Concussion Compass.


I have been doing so so well these past few months! I've been able to keep up with school, I can read without struggling and I'm getting back into lifting without big symptom flares.

I could not have done this without your guidance & I am forever grateful! This has been one of the most useful resources I have had in my concussion recovery.

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